QuickLaunch – Update v3.0

Für QuickLaunch steht ein Update auf die Version v3.0 zum Download zur Verfügung. Da es sich um ein Major-Update handelt ist es evtl. kostenpflichtig.


Ich musste erfahren das dass Update, obwohl es bei mobihand als solche bezeichnet wird, nicht zur Verfügung steht. Ich habe deshalb eine email an den Support geschrieben, sobald eine Antwort vorliegt lasse ich euch wissen was der Grund dafür ist.

Das Update steht für folgende Devices zur Verfügung:

  • Storm1 (OS 4.7, 5.0)
  • Bold 9000 (OS 4.6, 5.0)
  • Curve 8900 (OS 4.6, 5.0)
  • Curve 83xx (OS 4.5)
  • Pearl 81xx (OS 4.5)
  • Tour 9630 / Bold 9650 (OS 4.7, 5.0)
  • Curve 85xx (OS 4.6, 5.0)
  • 88xx (OS 4.5)
  • Bold 9700 (OS5.0)

Was ist neu?

  • Alternate Launch Methods
  • Border Size option
  • Background Color
  • Background Transparency
  • Opera Mini Support
  • Screen Capture in System Menu
  • Scheduled Reboots
  • Options Subpage Shortcut
  • ‚Larger‘ Font Option
  • Added support for the CrunchSMS app
  • Support for Pandora, Slacker, Lister, iHeartRadio
  • Password Toggle Shortcut
  • Menu Width Option
  • Max Menu Item Text Length increased… to 25 characters
  • Email Subject Header Option
  • Automated Activation Code Support service at NikkiSoft website
  • QuickLaunch Function Button Added
  • Check For Update Function
  • Allows for setting up 2 or 3 letter shortcuts (ex: CO = call office; SST = sms soccer team
  • Configurable Homescreen Hotkey – choose a letter or the spacebar to run Quicklaunch from your keypad while on the homescreen
  • Websearch – Integrated search to the following search sites: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay, BBC, Google News, Google Images, Youtube, IMDb, Dictionary, Thesaurus and Wikipedia
  • Multi-click Launching by convenience key (double, triple or quadruple click to launch items) [Currently Tour Only – other devices soon!]
  • Backlight Brightness Setting
  • Bluetooth Toggle – Quickly Turn Bluetooth On / Off
  • Profile Selector – Set a desired profile to your phone in 1 click
  • Stay Lit – Keep your backlight on for as long as you want w/o dimming
  • Camera Shutter Mute – turn off the camera shutter sound
  • Flashlight
  • Wifi Toggle
  • Check for updates and download latest version directly from within QuickLaunch
  • Backup / Restore to .txt file -No more lost menu configurations when upgrading your OS. The Menu List, Options and Activation Code can now be stored in a .txt on your SDCard and easily and reliably restored.
  • Built-in Screen Capture function – QuickLaunch now includes it’s own screen capture capability generating a high quality image. After the image is taken you have the option of immediately emailing it.
  • Launch Media
  • Device Reboot
  • Orientation / Tilt Lock (Storm only)
  • Create Custom Submenus – Now you can organize your list in categories. You can even have submenus within submenus.
  • Display Current Temperature – You can now display your local temperature (or just about any other city in the world) and Hi/Lo forecast information in the title bar.
  • Yahoo Weather
  • Add Items Alphabetically – Enable this option to add menu items in alphabetical order
  • 3 Font sizes – Small, medium and large
  • Power off device
  • System Menu Integration – This option will allow you to add QL to the BlackBerry system menu a la ‚CaptureIt‘. An added bonus of this feature is that now QL can be run on top of some apps that it previously wasn’t able to in the past such as Opera Mini.
  • Improved Performance

QuickLaunch ist für 4,99 $ (ca 3,87 €, ohne Steuer) im MobiHand Store verfügbar.
Download (Desktop & OTA)

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